• Who am I ?

    Hi! I’m Max or Maxence P as you want, I'm more known under my alias Olwens.
    I’m a 19 years old guy living near Paris in France🇲🇫.
    I’m a self-taught graphic and motion artist.

  • Experiences

    Over the past few years, I have been learning new things in the field of digital art.
    Through graphic design, motion design or photography and most recently web development.
    This has allowed me to acquire a great deal of knowledge/skills in these areas.
    In particular, I have already had the opportunity to apply this knowledge/skills to many projects.

  • A little part of my life

    I am passionate about this world and its surroundings since I was 12 years old, that's to say for 7 years.
    2 years ago, I had a big phase of thinking about myself.
    I thought that this world was probably not for me. After 6 months of reflection and questioning.
    I decided that, despite the pitfalls that would arise in my path, I would continue.
    I’ll go on no matter what.

    That challenge allowed me to get to where I am.
    Thanks to the people who supported me, the people who trusted me, and the many doors that were given to me, gave me confidence and the strength to move forward at any cost.
    (I could never thank them enough)

  • My motivations

    That is why I want to make this passion my profession.
    For the pleasure of contributing to projects, creating, discovering and interacting with people.

  • My skills

    The many skills I was able to acquire over the years were :
    Branding Design - Social Media Design - Motion Design - Web Design - UI Design - Photography and many others ...

    Softwares I use everyday

    For graphic and motion design :
    Photoshop CC - After Effect CC - Illustrator CC - Media Encoder CC - Premiere Pro CC - Adobe XD - Lightroom CC - Acrobat DC - Bridge CC

    For web developement and system admin :
    Brackets - Termius - FileZilla

    For typing and emailing :
    Word - PowerPoint - Excel - Outlook

    For task managing :